Short Courses and Conferences

Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods

Multiple Sessions are Offered

Course Requirements

All participants should bring a financial calculator capable of making NPV and IRR calculations. The Hewlett Packard HP10BII is the preferred model for its simplicity and price. The HP10BII functionality is incorporated into select examples in the course. Other calculator models, including HP12C, HP17BII, or Texas Instruments BAII or equivalent models, are suitable substitutes.

HP® calculators are available on line at:

Laptops with Excel® are an alternative to calculators and are welcome. Application of both will be addressed during the courses.

Participants are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the material in the Self-Teaching Manual for Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods. This manual will familiarize the participant with evaluation terminology and the "time value of money" concepts used in class. It will be sent to course registrants about three weeks before the class begins.

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